Monday, February 27, 2012

Kids Art: Stencil Sand Art

We have been playing with colored sand lately, Upcycle Glass sand art, Layered sand art bottles and this time we made Stencil Sand art. Simple and the kids can make a prefect cute art.

Thanks to for the Made by me Sand art kit

The Stencil art kit is a dollar store find. We used the stencils to create sand art.

We were inspired by the sand prints on I liked the way they played with Sand in a tray and made prints with them. The neat technique looked better since the sand can be used again and again. We made prints with the technique but CJ liked the sprinkle method better. So made patterns with sprinkle method too.

CJ loves playing in the Sand. So I spread out colored sand on an old cookie Tray and first we played making designs on the sand.

Materials Used:
Craft and Activity sand**
Elmer no run glue/Mod Podge/Glue stick
Paint Brush

**The Craft and activity sand is also available at Walmart stores

Steps Overview:

Sand Prints:

We used stencils from the Stencil art kit to create the patterns

Spread out sand on a cookie tray and place it aside.

Place the stencil on top of the paper. Pour little amount of glue/mod podge onto a disposal plate or yogurt cup lid. Using paintbrush, brush glue onto a part of design on the stencil as shown

Place the paper on the sand cookie tray(glue side down), Press gently and run your hand over the back.

Take the paper out and there you have a beautiful rose sand art.

Using the stencils add on stems and flower patterns using different colored sand

Sprinkle Sand art:

Though I felt the Sand print method was cool, CJ likes the Sprinkle method most. May be because she loves the feel of the sand

Prepare your work area. May be u can put a newspaper beneath to catch the sand spill.

Place the stencil on top of the paper. Apply glue on the stencil.

Pour the colored sand onto the glue covered area.

Lift the artwork and pour the sand off onto a container/paper.

We added some more flower using flower stencils.

Love the Beautiful prints!


  1. Very nice, I like how you used stencils!

  2. They are so cute prints Esther...and really good idea.

  3. These are really beautiful! My son loves doing "sand art" and he loves stencils, but I never thought to combine the two - I'm saving this idea for next week's art project! :) Thanks for a wonderful idea. I love how you explored making the same thing in different ways.

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  5. Beautiful. Such a neat idea.
    Thanks for sharing on Kids GeT Crafty!