Friday, April 13, 2012

Earth Day: Upcycle Plastic Easter Egg, Egg shell to Tulips

The Easter Egg has become Cj's favorite Easter Bunny book. We came to know about the book from the March Virtual Book club hosted By Toddler approved. To take part in the Book club, Each month you have to read a selected book and do activities to go along. Interested, Check out the details here!

It's Spring time! Each year the bunny who decorated the winning egg gets to help the Easter Rabbit hide the eggs on the Easter Morning. The Hero of the story, Hoppi Bunny is old enough to participate this year and he had been dreaming to be the winning bunny. To get started, Hoppi looks at the work of other rabbits for inspiration. After seeing all the wonderful unique creations, Hoppi gets disappointed and lost, finally decides to decorate an egg in his own way. Unexpectedly he gets to help Mother robin in protecting and incubating her egg. Hoppi forgets completely about the contest and selflessly helps mother Robin. As a result of his selflessness, He gets to be the winner of the contest.

Thank you Toodler approved for the Vitual Book club and the wonderful book for the month!

We just loved every aspect of the book. Beautiful Illustrations, with different types of Egg painting, dyeing and carving techniques. I was also happy to see how all the older Rabbits were trying to help Hoppi by donating some of their egg decorating items. The book is filled with messages of being helpful, kind, generous and selfless

For the craft, We upcycled the plastic Easter Eggs into Tulips. We also altered our Egg shell Tulip tutorial and made few Tulips from Egg shells too!

Plastic Easter Egg and Egg Shell Tulips:

Materials used:

Plastic Easter eggs with holes/ the ones that open in half symmetry
Green Pipe Cleaners/Fuzzy sticks
Dowel Sticks
Egg shells
Nail Polish, Markers, Acrylic paint

Steps Overview:

Egg shell Tulips

While breaking Egg for omelet or scrambled eggs, break the eggs gently as shown in the picture. Pour the egg out and Clean the Egg shells with Warm Soap water. Dry the egg shells.

Using a Bamboo skewer make a hole from the inner side of the egg shell as shown below. ****Be cautious when you use them with the kids, and always try to put the hole from the inner side of the egg***

We painted few of the egg shells with Nail polish and let them to dry

CJ also did scribble art on some of them

When the painted egg shell is dry, take a Pipe cleaner and make a knot at one end as shown

Thread the free end inside the egg shell and pull so that the knot rest inside the egg shell.

How is nail polish painted one? Don't they look real, I liked them this way but CJ needed a sturdy stem.

To make a sturdy stem, spiral the free end of pipe cleaner to a dowel stick/Bamboo skewer. Egg Shell Tulip Ready!

Plastic Easter Egg Tulips(Egg with holes)

Take a pipe cleaner, knot the free end as we did for egg shell tulip. Open the Egg with the hole and leave the free end of the pipe cleaner as shown.

Close the egg

Spiral the free end to a Dowel stick/Bamboo skewer and make it sturdy.

Plastic Easter Egg Tulips(Open in Half Symmetry)

Take a pipe cleaner and place a free end inside one half of egg as shown

Close the egg with pipe cleaner inside

Spiral the free end to a Dowel stick/Bamboo skewer and make it sturdy.

CJ was pretty excited with her creation and she gave me the bouquet of tulips with a "I love you Mommy"!

What are you waiting for, your kids can make you a wonderful Mother's Day gift with the Plastic eggs!

Don't they look beautiful and pleasing in my Wine bottle mosaic art work!

So how do you Upcycle the Plastic Easter eggs? Do share your ideas, Please leave a comment!


  1. Great idea on how to recycle them! I am going to pin it!

  2. So beautiul Esther! I am so excited about your nail polish painting. It really did make the flowers look real! My brain is going to be spinning on how I can use the nail polish in other crafts too. You are so very creative!

  3. Esther!! Happy Easter.. Hope you had a lovely celebration.. Thats so so cute!! The tulips look gorgeous.. Im now going to start collecting kinder eggs to try my hands with this.. Lovely... to see you linking in.. thank you! :)

  4. Very cool! We turn ours into shaker eggs, mostly :)

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  6. This is so cleaver and I love how they look. Great way to use those eggs. Just pinned this.Vicky from

  7. Those are fun- I like the ones where the tops hang over too- they look they way real tulips look :) Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty! Alissa and Maggy

  8. Love these pretty flowers! Personally since I work with music with kids I use those old easter eggs to make egg shakers and I also created a movement game called the "buggy boogie" where kids get to choose different bug movements from an assortment of eggs that have bug designs on them :) Thanks for sharing your great idea!