Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We have a New name and look!!

Yes! Creativity my Passion has a new name - Crafttoart! Welcome to Spectrum of Craft to Art by the rays of creativity!

It was a tough decision to make whether to stay with old name or go with a name change. I love my old blog name but it was quiet big, realized that it was bigger than 15 characters when I was trying to create a username @pinterest. That was the main push for the name change. I wish I could take credit for the new name but it was my husband's suggestion. He said "how about Craft to art?" It sounded sweet, short, easy to type and inline with our mission! My blog is all about the Crafts and Arts we do. so we went with it.

Since I was changing my blog name, I wanted to give a new look to my blog. Though I changed by domain last week, I wanted to post about the change after the revamp. I may be still making few changes and I hope to complete it soon, Meanwhile if you face any major issues in navigation or access please let me know!

After a long time, it felt great working on the HTML part of the code. My template is the Blogger default template - picture window, I edited and customized the look.

I'd also like to mention about two blogs - Blogger Sentral and Simple blogger tutorials, the tutorials from the two blogs were very useful and eased out my effort in the blog revamp. A big thank you to Blogger Sentral and Simple blogger tutorials!

We have a Pipe cleaner flower craft, "Ten Apples on Top" Book + activity and few more blog posts coming soon!

Be sure to stay connected with Craft to Art!

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