Thursday, December 20, 2012

Empty Glue Stick Nativity Scene: Small world play

Three years ago, I made a nativity scene from glue stick nativity figures and Juice carton stable. We treasure them and every year during Christmas, CJ loves to create the nativity scene. This time when we got it out, we found that the baby Jesus doll was missing. So we decided to create Baby Jesus and painted Mother Mary and St. Joseph dolls.

Mother Mary and St. Joseph are made from Empty Glue stick and 1 inch size Christmas ornament.For the instructions click here. I painted the ball ornaments with acrylic white paint.

Baby Jesus - Glue 1 inch size ball ornament to Glue stick cap as shown.

Wrap white felt around the glue stick cap and secure with glue.

Paint the ornament white with acrylic paint and draw the facial features!

Manger - we made the manager using cut toilet paper tubes. Cut the tube into half as shown

Glue them together as shown

Add cut yellow construction paper strips for the Hay on the manger and place Baby Jesus

CJ made the nativity scene and was excited to put it together

Mother Mary!

St. Joseph

Next she kept the manger

Added pretend Hay

She placed Baby Jesus on the Manger and Nativity Scene complete! Since the dolls are made of empty glue sticks they very light weighted and perfect for her to hold.

Closeup view!


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