Monday, December 10, 2012

Thumbprint/Fingerprint Nativity Christmas Card

Thumbprint/Fingerprint Nativity Scene
When I was a child in my place more emphasis was on the crib scene, the real reason for Christmas and very few people used to have Christmas tree. But now the trend has changed there too so many Christmas tree in shops and everywhere. I still remember how we used to sow the mustard seeds in the mud and waited for the seeds to sprout. The mustard grass bed would be the initial set up of crib. We used to make the Nativity Crib scene on the Christmas eve and place baby Jesus in the manager before leaving to Christmas Midnight Mass. Good old memories!

I want CJ to celebrate the birth of Christ with the nativity just like we used to do as a child. So I emphasis more on the Nativity crafts - We have made
DIY nativity scene and Nativity ornaments in the past years. We also have a book THE FIRST CHRISTMAS-STORY OF NATIVITY WITH 4 SIMPLE JIGSAWS. My daughter loves puzzles and the book has four jigsaw puzzles with story of Jesus Birth.

I got the idea to make thumbprint nativity card when I was checking my blog stats. There was a search keyword "Thumbprint Nativity" that led to my blog. From last year I had been thinking of making thumbprint nativity cards for grandparents. Finally we made it.

Thumbprint/Fingerprint Nativity Card for grandparents

Materials Used:
Construction paper/Card stock
Tempera paint

Steps Overview:

Fold the construction paper in half to make a card

Mother Mary
Body: Paint the thumb fully as shown, Stamp thumb impression

Veil: Paint thumb tip and make impression

Face: Paint finger tip as shown and make impression in the veil

Let it dry

St. Joseph
Body: Paint Middle finger with brown paint and make impression

Face: Paint the finger tip/dip the finger in paint and make impression on top of the brown impression

Let it Dry!

Baby Jesus:
Face: Paint the finger tip/dip the finger in paint and make impression in the space between mother Mary and Joseph

Body:  Using a paper, make half finger impressions as shown to create the wrapped baby effect.

I got the idea of a making half impressions from Ed Emberley's Fingerprint Drawing Book

Make finger print with yellow paint for hay around the baby. For the manager make brown finger prints.

For the Stable and star make finger print impressions in the shapes.
Let it Dry!

After the prints are dry make features for Mother mary, St.Joseph and Baby Jesus.

close up view

Thumbprint/fingerprint Nativity!

CJ and I made the thumbprint nativity side by side. I told the instructions and she did it without my help.

Cj's fingerprint/thumbprint nativity

My fingerprint/thumbprint nativity Version 2

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  1. Lovely. I really like simple ideas to celebrate a glorious occasion. Beautiful photos. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Super cute and perfectly messy!

  3. How lovely. The end result came out really well! :)

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  5. Very special. Love it.

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  6. I LOVE this!! Thanks for a darling idea. I have a new Saturday linky that I would love to have you participate in and share your ideas!

  7. Love this did it with my preschool class.