Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 12 & 13: Turkey Disguise Family Project

Disguise Turkey into a Peacock

We received this really awesome box of Holiday craft supplies from Crafts projects ideas. CJ was SUPER-DUPER excited and wanted to use the glitters as soon as we received the pack. She asked "Mommy is it Christmas! Did we have a Santa visit?" Thanks to for the wonderful Holiday Surprise!

Do check out, they have a collection of craft project ideas - Seasonal, Rainy day crafts and Teacher's corner. Every month they feature crafts based on a specific craft material - Material of the month. The products used on the site are all sold at the Kids’ Crafts aisle in Walmart stores. We love them for that, no special trips to craft stores, Just pick them when you do grocery shopping.

CJ got home a turkey coloring template from school. The project was to creatively disguise him so that he can be saved from becoming the Thanksgiving dinner.

The Princess obsessed girl wanted to disguise him as Princess Aurora. Mommy thought he has a outline of dancing peacock. Since it was a family project, we had a discussion with daddy. Daddy felt princess and peacock both were great idea. After seeing the green glitters CJ decided to go with the peacock idea.

Materials Used:
Poster board
Pistachio shells
Blue and green Acrylic paints
Blue construction paper
Blue Glitter stick
Tri beads
No-run Elmer glue

Steps Overview

First we cut the turkey outline from the template and glued him onto to a poster board.

I got a print-out of a peacock coloring page. So that CJ can compare the similarities.

For the peacock feathers, we glued on Pistachio shells.

We let it to dry for an hour and applied glue to the white spaces in between the shells. Sprinkled with glitters(from the Holiday craft box) and Shake off the excess

CJ colored the body of the turkey blue to look like a peacock body and glued blue construction paper wings. Using green acrylic paint, we colored the shells. To give peacock feather effect, we made blue dots using q-tips.

For the peacock crest, we used blue glitter sticks and tri beads(from the holiday craft box)

Day 12 Challenge: Field Trip
We were visiting our friends place which is almost 2 hrs drive from our place. Though we didn't plan a field trip, We did enjoy our long drive. As usual we played I spy, Call me Mr.Riddles games. Watched Passing clouds, Passing fields, Grazing cows, horses in the Farms/Fields. Had a discussion on the Fall colors and watched the beautiful color changed trees. We also love family singing so we recited some of our favorite songs.

Day 13 Challenge: Sticky Art
We had planned the Turkey disguise project activity for last Sunday and what a coincidence, the challenge was an open-ended creative play challenge, involving just one key element- stickiness!

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  1. So cute. Love the pistachio shells.

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