Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pipe cleaner/Fuzzy stick flowers

Pipe cleaner flowers

Fuzzy sticks tinker to our creativity - We made a bouquet of flowers! Actually I had procrastinated the post, we made the flowers for last year Mother's day. Pipe cleaners come in beautiful colors and we can make a rainbow of flowers.

Materials Used:

Fuzzy sticks/pipe cleaners
Pom Poms
TP roll tube
Dowel sticks/Bamboo skewer
Egg carton(for arranging the flower)

Thanks to for the pom poms and the fuzzy cleaners

Steps Overview:
We made the flower shape using the glitter stick flowers tutorial

Flower shape
  1. Flatten a TP roll as shown below

    Fold it in half as shown

  2. The rectangle shape in the pen sketch below is the folded toilet paper roll.

    Wind/Twist the Pipe cleaner around the folded Toilet paper roll as shown below or in the pen sketch above

    Take the free end of the pipe cleaner on the left and insert it into the loops towards the right. Same way take the free end on the right and insert it into the loops toward the left.

  3. Make a knot with the free ends and secure the loops. Remove the loops slowly out of the roll.
  4. Stretch out the loops

  5. Flatten it into a flower shape

Slide in a Bamboo skewer/Dowel stick into the center knot. You can also hot glue the stick.

Glue Pom pom to center knot of the flower

For leaves, Wind/Twist Green Pipe cleaner to the dowel stick

Here are the finished flowers!

The flowers are easy to make and turn out beautiful! you can make a bouquet of flowers

Spruce up your mantel/table for Spring using the fuzzy stick flowers!

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  1. These are darling! Thanks so much for participating in the Spring blog hop this week :)