Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cross Stitch Embroidery in Indian Sieve - WIP

Cross stitch embroidery in a sieve

In my school summer holidays, used to do embroidery in sieve. Learnt this work from a magazine, don't remember the magazine name now. Back in my school days, the embroidery in sieve was just long and short stitch trying to fill in the design. Recently got an idea of doing Cross stitch embroidery in sieve while reading few Cross Stitch Embroidery books. As if giving a green signal for that, unknowingly I kept the sieve on hot stove and it got burnt. I can't use it now as a seive. The Green patch work is done to cover that:-)))
I have not completed the stitching fully. But I was not able to hold posting it. The Work is still In Progress