Thursday, July 2, 2009

Organizing our vehicle

Organize Junkie June month round up is Organizing Vehicles. I wanted to clean and organize our car from a long time. But somehow I was unable to do it. After seeing the monthly round up I got geared up and finally cleaned the car. Now the car looks organized and neat. I didn't take the before pictures.
We started off by taking out my daughter car seat - hiding place for spilled food items. Removed the car seat cover, washed, dried it. Cleaned the car seat base with wipes. Car seat clean now.

Removed the car mats. Wiped the driver, passenger seats with Clorox wipes. Side door near my daughter car seat had stains caused by spills. Removed the stains with wipes. Cleaned the Cup holders and Dashboard. Wiping was done.

Next vacuum, We don't have a car vacuum cleaner. So I used a Dusting brush and removed the dirt out of the car.

I use these empty Burlap rice bags as Car mat protectors. They really help in keeping the car mat clean during the rainy days. I love these since they are easy to wash and they help in recycling the Burlap bags. We prefer to keep the wet wipes box and facial Tissue boxes in the place under the feet, easily accessible.

Organize junkie gave me this idea to have a basket for the kids toys. So I have kept a bag of toys next to my daughter's car seat, reachable to her.

Sometime back I was reading this DIY grocery Bag organizer on Rita's - Creatively Domestic Blog. I liked her Idea of organizing the grocery bags and their use in car. I kept some grocery bags and created this organizer. Kept it in car, handy to use the empty bags in disposing garbage.

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  1. I love a clean car, too! I don't know why I never thought to keep wet wipes IN the car. Thanks for the idea!