Monday, September 7, 2009

Princess Tiara/Crown

We take our daughter to the preschool story time at the local library. At the story time the librarian reads short stories, tells small stories with puppets, sings interactive simple songs and rhymes. The stories and songs are featured on a theme. Last week theme was Royalty. I just left a word to my daughter that I will make her a princess crown for the storytime. She was so eager that she started stressing me to make the princess crown. So finally we made these simple Princess Tiaras from Foam sheets.

Draw the outline of the crown on a Foam sheet*. Cut the Tiara out leaving little extra foam for the elastic at the ends.

Decorate the Tiara as you wish. I used golden color Fevicryl 3D outliner. An alternative method can be to draw outline with glue, sprinkle glitter and shake off the excess.

Pierce holes on the ends of the Tiara foam. Take an Elastic string. Insert one end of Elastic into the hole, make a knot to secure it. Secure the other end of the elastic same way. And Here u go a simple tiara to make your little one happy!

* Note: I used Creative Hands Rainbow Foam sheets. Size: 5.5 in * 8.5 in.


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