Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Juice Can Santa Claus

My daughter and I made this Santa Claus from an Empty Juice can. I found this Juice can Santa idea in Artist woman blog. But I used Scraps of Old dress instead of felt cloths.

Materials Used:
Old Red, Pink, White color dress
unusable ball ornament
Empty Juice can or any cylindrical container
Craft glue
White lace from an Old dress

Steps Overview:
  • Cut a red color cloth into rectangle shape with height same as the container and width as long as to go around the container plus a inch extra. I had used some Old T-shirts of my daughter.
  • Apply glue to the container and start sticking the cloth on. Overlap the last inch of the cloth onto the start.
  • For the face, cut the light pink cloth into face shape. Apply glue on the face shape and stick them on the container.
  • For the beard I used a lace from my daughter's old dress. Glue on the beard along the edge of the face.
  • Cut two white oval shapes, two black circle shapes for the eyes, Glue it into place. Cut a mustache shape from white cloth, Glue it into place. Cut a triangular shape red cloth for nose and a semi-circle shape for the mouth, Glue it into place.
  • For the hat, Cut the sector shape out of red cloth as shown below. The base of the sector shape should be long enough to go around the container
  • Glue the radius of the sector as shown below.

    Now decorate the Santa hat with white cloth and white pom-pom. As I have lots of this unusable ornaments I used that to decorate the hat.
Isn't the Juice can Santa fascinating!!

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