Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gift wrap to my resuce

One day I was busy cooking lunch and CJ wanted to do a craft immediately. I wanted her to do some craft without my supervision. Then I remembered about the holiday gift wrap in the recycle bin. I told her to cut snowmen, Santa, Christmas tree, stockings from the wrapping paper and glue them on to a recycled chocolate box. It kept her busy for at least half an hour - giving me time to complete cooking.

Cutting Practice with Gift wrap

Her art work!

Make a Collage from Gift wrap

I generally give her a child safe scissors, recycled paper and let her practice cutting skills. This activity especially cutting practice with holiday gift wrap helped her practice fine motor skills.
While you’re busy you can also challenge your kiddo to cut out shapes from gift wraps and glue them on to a construction paper. But do take care when you give a child safe scissors to your kid!

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  1. We like recycling gift wrap too - and made little thank you cards this year. Art work is great to