Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Semicircle Fabric flower

I know there are so many tutorials online for these fabric flowers but I wanted to write one for my future reference. They are easy to make and can be put to use in so many ways/Projects.
Recycle/Upcycle a T-shirt to a flower

Materials Used:
Old T-shirt
Scarps of fabric
Permanent Fabric glue(I used Aleene's Fabric Fusion Permanent Adhesive)/Hot glue
Recycled CD
Marker pen
Thread and Needle
Recycled button

Steps Overview:

For the petals

I cut one hand apart from the T-shirt and used it for the flower. Rest of the fabric going to the fabric storage box.
Fold the fabric in accordion style with CD size as reference and using the CD as pattern draw a circle on the fabric. Cut the fabric along the circle drawn. This way you can make several circles at a time.

6 fabric circles ready to go

Take one fabric circle and Fold the fabric into half.

With needle and thread, make a running stitch as shown below along the edge

Pull the thread on each end to create a ruffle

Without cutting the thread continue the above steps, make another 5 petals.

Tie both the ends of the thread to make a circle of petals.

After securing the threads together, cut out the remaining string

For the Flower center

With needle and thread, make running stitch around the perimeter of a fabric circle and gather to make ruffles(its similar to making Yo-Yo). Sachiko of Tea Rose Home blog has a detailed Yo-Yo tutorial. You can also visit her blog to make beautiful, neat Yo-Yo.

Stitch a button in the middle of the Yo-Yo created. Glue the Yo-Yo to the front circle center created by the petals. Turn the flower over such that the back circle center is facing up. Glue on a small piece of fabric to cover the circle behind. Glue on a magnet in the middle of the fabric.

Let the glue dry.

All done, Spruce up your fridge with the flower. Simple Recycled fabric flower!

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