Thursday, February 24, 2011

DIY: Frilled Polka Dot Jumbo Pencil

We transformed a Jumbo pencil into a Frilly Polka Dot Pencil.

The tutorial to make Frilled Jumbo pencil is same as the Rainbow frilled pencil. Except that we used single color tissue paper and personalized by adding Polka dots.
Personalize your Pencil

I follow That Artist woman blog, Artist Gail Bartel has wonderful ideas to do the paintings using simple techniques. From her blog, I came across this Idea of creating Fall leaves dots using cotton swaps. CJ painted Polka dots on the pencil with Cotton swabs/Q-tips


  1. WOW!!!! :) Love your idea of using ear buds to paint!

  2. love ur kids friendly ideas dear..keep rocking

  3. I bet it is her favourite pecil!

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