Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hopscotch playmat and One, Two, Buckle my shoe rhyme

Masking Tape

Now days CJ is getting interested in Hopscotch game! So I wanted to make a indoor Hopscotch play mat for her. In one of my previous posts, we had upcycled half portion of a toysrus multipurpose blanket to a Tape road Play mat. This weekend CJ and I converted the other half to a hopscotch mat. We used masking tape to create the grids and the numbers.

As I had mentioned in my previous post, tape road play mat, the advantage of using blanket is after the hours of play we can roll it up or fold it and get it out of the way temporarily. Especially for the people like us who leave in apartments and have space constraints. When the blanket gets dirty, you can peel off the tapes, wash it and make a new one.

We used the hopscotch mat to play different games

One,Two,Buckle My Shoe Nursery Rhyme - We used the Number grids to sing and pretend play the rhyme

Play one, Two, Buckle my Shoe Rhyme with Hop Scotch mat

One, Two, Buckle my shoe - Place one leg on grid 1 and other leg on grid 2. Recite the phrase and pretend buckling action
Three, Four, Shut the door- Move to grid 3 and grid 4. Recite the phrase and pretend closed door action by crossing the hands or use a Toy door to do the closing action
Five, Six, Pick up the sticks/Pens - Move to grid 5 and grid 6. Recite the phrase and Pick up the sticks from the mat
Seven, Eight, Lay them straight - Move to grid 7 and grid 8. Recite the phrase and lay the sticks on the mat
Nine, Ten, Begin Again - Move to grid 9 and grid 10. Recite the phrase and Go back to grid 1 and 2. Repeat the play until you get tired

It's a good counting practice rhyme. You can also make your own Count down Phrases too and have fun.

Hopscotch game - Wikipedia Link

Read and Do the action game - Place small pieces of paper/Strips of paper with a word of action in each grid. Let the kid read it out and do the action.
We did
Grid 1 - Jump
Grid 2 - Dance
Grid 3 - Wiggle
Grid 4 - Laugh
Grid 5 - Shake
Grid 6 - Hop
Grid 7 - Hug
Grid 8 - Up and Down
Grid 9 - Sit
Grid 10 - Run

March is National Reading Month and we are also reading Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss.


  1. Brilliant what a great way to have lots of fun - singing, counting, jumping and of course making (to begin with). This would really help my son with his number recognition!

    Thank you for joining Kids Get Crafty!!


  2. If you want to extend the math (when she's older), you might like these ideas:

  3. What a great idea!!! Now you can play it inside too!

    Thanks for sharing this post at For the Kids Friday at Sun Scholars. This week's party is now posted. I'd love to have you share with us again this week!

  4. I played this game a lot with my cousins as kid. Great way to play it inside!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog. $20 store credit from My Carrie Creations to get a backpack with your kids fav character ( fancy Nancy, princessses, ballerina and more). Check it out.

  5. This is such an interesting post. I'm looking for resources for teachers in schools & your creative use of tape is brill! I found your blog via Red Ted Art who thought you might like to link up over at the Resource Centre. It is a space for teachers to find great ideas for their classrooms. I do hope you will pop over!


  6. aaawww... such a cute idea... Id play hopscotch all the time.. Thank you for linking in to the weekend party.. :-)

  7. Esther, I love your creativity! Your projects always make the child in me (and the adult too) smile!

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  8. Looks like lots of hoppy fun! We would love to have you link your creative post to our Show and Tell feature if you are interested.

  9. This looks like lots of fun - and a great indoor way to get some exerise on a rainy day too. Thanks for sharing with the Play academy!

  10. This looks like fun and I like your idea of making is 'portable' - or at least easy to clean up when you're done! Even with a big house, I don't want a permanent hopscotch board in the middle of my dining room :) hehe

    I love the games you included too - though the 2nd might be a little too much for my 3 year old, I'm sure we could find a variation of it that will work :)

    I'd love for you to link up this post to our new "It's Playtime" party today!

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

  11. Thanks for stopping over and linking this up to It's Playtime this week, I hope to see more of your ideas next Thursday too!

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  12. I'm back :) I'm gonna feature this MOVING idea on Friday with a huge round up of ways to get kids moving.

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