Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lost stud earring shamrocks/clovers

CJ keeps removing her stud earrings and she is infamous at losing earrings. I don't want to miss the single cute earrings. So I have a collection of them. Do you have a set of single stud Earrings or do u collect single stud earrings? I have a 15 mins project to convert them into Shamrocks/clovers.


Lost stud earring shamrocks/clovers

All you need is: Single Stud earrings, Recycled envelopes or green construction paper, Shamrock Cookie cutters or patterns, Scissors, Needle, green markers/stampers

CJ traced out heart shapes using the cookie cutter on a recycled envelope. She colored it green and cut the heart shapes.

Selecting the earring:

Arrange three heart shapes in a pile and prick a hole with a needle as shown below.

Start arranging the hearts to the stud as shown below, fasten the ear nut to the stud and spread them out into clover shape.

Here you go!

Stamping fun!

You can also cut several hearts by folding in accordion or square as shown below

Cute little clovers!


  1. What a very sweet idea and a wonderful way to reuse "old bits and bobs earrings". Lovely! And very creative!

    Thank you for linking up with Kids Get Crafty!!


  2. Now that's really clever. Thanks so much for linking up to my Swing into Spring party. Hope to see you again next week.

  3. beautiful dear...i dont know why my reader doesnt show any updates from ur blog......

  4. Like mother, like daughter -- so creative!

  5. Hi Shama,

    Don't know why the updates from my blog are not shown up. I'm not sure whether I will able to do any holy crafts. But will try to join

  6. ... and here I've always eventually thown out my single earings! What a fun idea!

    Thanks so much for sharing these at For the Kids Friday! I'll be posting the next link party tomorrow night. I am excited to see what you'll be sharing this week!

    :)rachel @

  7. what a way to upcycle earrings :)
    Loving this.