Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recycled Pasta box: I-Spy words window

Make an I-spy window from Pasta box
CJ is a beginning reader and to encourage her reading skills I made an I-Spy window from pasta box. I came across this ingenious idea of making I spy window @ Activity mom blog

I minimized the cellophane window size with scrapbook paper so that CJ can concentrate on small words and single lines.

All you need is a Pasta box with cellophane window, Popsicle stick, Glue stick, Scrap book paper

Steps overview:

  1. Remove the sealing edges of the pasta box
  2. Flatten the box
  3. Cut out a rectangular piece from the front of the pasta box
  4. Glue scrap book paper and minimize the cellophane window. I covered both the front and back side with scrap book paper. So that it can be used as either left hand or right hand window
  5. Glue on a Popsicle stick to the window.
It's fun reading books with the I-Spy window! Sometimes even I use the I-Spy window to read a book to CJ so that I need not point out/follow the words with my fingers.


  1. Oooh what a clever reading aid! Very good idea!! Love it!

    Simple and yet effective!

    Thank you for sharing this on Kids Get Crafty!


  2. Love the idea of making the window smaller to work on reading sentences! =) thanks for linking

  3. Thats a clever idea! Thanks for sharing... We might need to make one soon :)

  4. I like your i-spy idea. I bet it'd be fun to zoom in on the illustrations through the peep hole too - you might notice some new details.
    Lovely to see you at the Play Academy as always.

  5. Yeah cathy, it was fun! Cj was just peeping through the hole and saying I spy you mommy.

  6. Simple and cheap. And great learning activity that also includes with thing like I spy. Kids love it! :)

    Thanks for joining us on High paw linky last week. Hope to see you back this week too! :)