Thursday, June 2, 2011

Indoor Play: Doodling with wet sidewalk chalk

CJ loves to doodle with sidewalk chalk. She wanted to go outdoors on a hot summer day. The very thought of going out in the hot sun made me melt. Then I got an idea, I let her doodle on a black table top surface. But the idea made me sneeze, the dust!

When I was a kid, we used to write in slates. Wet chalks were used whenever we wanted the writing to stay for a longer time. Writing with wet chalk used to be dust free too!

I felt CJ would have fun dipping the chalk in water. She really liked the idea and was asking mommy is it washable chalk.

Just dip the sidewalk chalk in water and let your kid play around on a table. Wet chalk are much easier to use and yield vibrant colors compared to dry ones. When all the play is over, its easy to clean, you can just erase it off with a wet wipe or a wet towel. It can be used outdoors too!

Cj created the below park scene with wet chalk
Wet Chalk Doodling

The sunflower family(She made baby, mommy and daddy sunflower)


  1. Love the chalk doodles!! Love how a simple addition of water makes it more exciting for kids!!
    Putti loves to draw with wet chalks both on her chalkboard and outside.
    And when u need the doodles to stay for even longer times dip the chalk in sugary water (tip my school teacher used)

  2. Roopa, Thanks for the sugary chalk tip!

  3. A very good idea. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  4. Oh lovely! Isn't doodling fun! great idea to make the chalk wet!! Love it.

    Thank you again for linking up to Kids Get Crafty! Love seeing what you get up to!


  5. Brilliant - I would never have thought of wet chalk on a table. I wish I had known about blogs when my kids were little - I really could have used great play ideas like this one!

  6. My 8yr-old has some slates in her rock collection and likes using them for drawing too.

  7. After rain soaked ours last summer and we used it anyway, I decided I'll never use sidewalk chalk dry again! Wet is so much better! Fun idea to use it on an indoor surface too :)

  8. I love the effect the wet chalk creates. What fun!