Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Recycled crafts box Book: Upcycled Paper Art Smock

My blog readers and followers might know that I'm a great fan of Upcycling projects. We emphasize advantages of recycling to CJ. In our Home, we save some of the recyclable materials for my craft projects and the rest of them go to the convenience center. CJ has become so much aware of recycling that before throwing some thing in Trash she asks me or her dad whether the item is to be put in recycle bin or Trash. I feel happy that she is getting the habit of recycling. Cj has got so much inspired by my recycling ideas that sometimes she startles with some wonderful upcycle craft ideas.

Here is one such idea! One day she came with a bunch of Newspapers and asked mommy can you make a dress out of these? and that's how Paper art smock was made(smiles!)!

Book - Recycled Crafts Box

Its an amazing recycling, environmental awareness, Earth day book. The Book has wonderful projects with common recyclable materials (paper, plastic, metal, fabric). The Instructions are easy to follow and some of my favorite projects are milk-carton cottages, Paper Bead Bangles and Rag Coasters. The book is a lot more than a craft book. Starting with a question of "Trash? or Treasure?", the book has explanations about Anatomy of a Landfill, Trash timeline, there are different sections for paper,plastic,metal,and fabric where the author explains how they are made, how recycling can make a difference, emphasizing benefits to the environment. The explanations are made easy to understand with neat diagrams. On the sidebars of the book we also have interviews with artists who work with recyclables.

I used the Paper route diagram from the book to explain how recycling saves trees from being cut?


All you need is paper and scissors

We have a roll of brown paper that came as a packaging material. For this project, We used a rectangle piece from that roll.

Measure your kids height from neck to hip and width. Cut the Brown paper or Paper with length double the size of the height and width little bigger then your kid.

Fold the piece in half. Draw neck and arms shape as shown below and cut along the line.

Art Smock ready!

You can add small masking tape fasteners to edges of paper below arm pits as shown below or just leave it free

After sometime CJ said she was not comfortable with the masking tape. so I removed the tapes. But she loved her paper art smock and was pretty excited that her mommy made her a dress from paper:-)

The advantage of this art smock - it's recyclable!

As part of World Environment Day (June 5), Rashmie of Mommy Labs is hosting a Forest Fiesta for blogger and readers around the world to celebrate the environment. The theme for this year's WED is Forests. Through this theme, the focus is on making nations and common people realize the singular importance of saving our forests. We are very happy to participate in the Forest Fiesta.


  1. That is a great idea! Have made smocks from grocery bags when we have friends over.. This is more environmental friendly:)

  2. what great upcycling idea! BOOKMARKED :)

  3. Great recycling idea, Esther. And, simple enough for kids to make on their own...
    Thank you for participating with us in the Forest Fiesta :)

  4. I know what we'll be doing with our next bit of packing paper! Thanks for the idea!