Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Upcycled TP roll Trees: Forest Model

A few weeks ago, Rashmie of Mommy labs had sent an invite to join the Forest Fiesta event. She is hosting the event to celebrate the World Environment Day theme - Forests. The idea behind the event is to get the kids appreciate and understand the value of our Forests and then create some craft on the theme and share it with other kids around the world.

We made an upcycled Forest model!
Add Toy animals to a Toilet Paper Roll trees and create a Forest

I wanted to know what CJ thought about forest and So we had a discussion about forest.

Esther: what's a forest?

CJ: A forest is a Jungle

Esther: What's a Jungle?

CJ: A Jungle is a place where animals live.

Esther: What is it made of?

CJ: It's made of trees.

Esther: What will happen if we cut the trees?

CJ: Oh Mommy! Who will cut the trees? I think the people who cut trees are all bad people.

Esther: But then how do we make paper and Plastics?

CJ: But then where will the animals go?

Esther: That's why you should recycle paper and cans so that we don't cut more trees! like the other day you were telling to make dress from paper. Apart from recycling we have to plant trees too!

CJ(After a Pause! and a min of thinking): Mommy If we dress up the trees with the paper then the bad people will think the trees are people and will not cut them.

Esther: Mmm..But that will also need lot of paper!

CJ: Yeah we can't go and dress up all the trees. May be we have to go and tell the people that they should not cut the trees.

After the above conversation, CJ has been talking about changing the bad people's mind. She also made a card for the bad people who cut the trees. She says Mommy put the card in a place where the tough people can see it, they will turn into soft people and wont harm trees!

Since CJ wanted to dress up the trees as people, I showed her how to create a tree model using Toilet paper roll. We made a forest of trees, a Lake and added her animal collection to the forest.

For the Tree Model, You will need: Toilet paper rolls, Construction paper, Googly eyes, Markers, Child safe scissors.

We made different types of trees from tp rolls

Cut green construction paper into the shape of tree top.

Cut two slits on the tp roll across from each other.

Slide tree top into those slots.

For the eyes of the tree either you can draw eyes or add googly eyes to the trunk of the tree(tp roll), draw nose and eyes too.

For tree hands, Cut small strips of construction paper and make branch hands

Collection of trees

CJ wanted to make a lot of fruit trees. so we made Apple tree, peach tree and Mango tree. She put good job and awesome stickers on the trees!

She also made a tree family - Daddy, mommy and Baby.
Tree Family - Toilet Paper Roll Trees

I made a sad face expression on a cut tp roll to show how a tree feels when it is cut. CJ created the dark brown cut tree.

Hurray! Mommy look @ my forest

We also checked out the below books from the library

The Giving Tree - A young boy grows to manhood and old age experiencing the love and generosity of a tree which gives to him without thought of return.

Sky Tree: Seeing Science Through Art shows how a tree growing on a hill by a river changes through all four seasons. The oil paintings are beautiful and impressive. There are questions at the bottom of each page where text appears to provoke discussion. At the end of the book, the author answers the questions and explains the association of the paintings(different trees) with science. He also explains the association of tree with sky and the name Sky Tree


  1. So adorable and do-able for kids! Lovely recycling project :)

  2. Thank you for the good initiative Rashmie. We had fun participating in the event.

  3. Love the conversation you had!! CJ's idea to dress trees as people is so adorable:)) Love ur TP roll forest!!

  4. yeah Roopa, I was smiling when Cj told she wanted to dress the trees!

  5. I love the trees and that you did "family trees" too! Very cute!


  6. The trees are wonderful! They would go great with the book "A Tree for Me!"

  7. Always on the lookout for more paper roll ideas . . . thanks for sharing this cute one!

  8. wonderful idea! I can't wait to see what M and M create for their forest.

  9. Thanks you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn. This counts as an entry in the Summer Reading Challenge- June Edition.

    These are so cute!

  10. The trees are so cute - I love their faces =)

  11. Such a cheerful, whimsical and creative forest!

  12. I saw your comment on my blog and ran right over to see your forest! I love this!! I have a huge pile of tp rolls right now that would make a perfect forest. Maybe we'll do the tree tops in Fall colors. If I put up a post about it in the next week or two, may I link back to this one to show my inspiration?

  13. Oh sure Mandi, A forest with fall colors would be such a fun! Glad that you liked it, Sure you can link back!

  14. Thanks for linking up to the World Animal Day BLOGHOP! What a lovely way of interacting in a playful way with your child.

    Angelique & the WAD organisation

  15. Love your forest! We've been playing around with cardboard tubes lately. I think we need to make our own forest. :)