Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Paint: Beetroot Stamping

This is a fun stamping project with no paint.

Just cut a beet at the cross section/any shape your prefer

Then stamp it on paper.

Create patterns with cut beet as stamp.

Once the beet stops bleeding color, you can dip the beet in water/cut a section of it and stamp.

No Paint Beetroot Stamping

Cj got so much into stamping that she painted a full page with beetroot water


  1. OOOOH I love this! Personally, I adore eating beetroot but my husband is "so so".. I bet he would love for us to do some printing with it instead! It looks great!

    Thank you as always for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!


  2. Great idea! I love edible crafts :-) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cool! We will have to pick up a beet next time we are at the store and give this a try.

    Jo @ SmileMonsters

  4. Very cool- now only if I can get my kids to touch one! Thanks for linking up on The Sunday Showcase!