Saturday, August 20, 2011

Seven Ice sculptures: Plastic easter eggs, Egg Shell, Building blocks, Beach toys...

When I saw the Juice carton ice sculpture idea over at The Artful Parent , I knew CJ would love it. Balloon ice sculpture - Mom to 2 posh lil divas and Colorful ice sculptures - Chocolate muffin tree increased our interest double forth and here are some of our ice sculptures. We created different ice sculptures using Juice carton, Plastic Easter eggs, Building Blocks, Beach toys, Real egg shell, Egg carton, Popsicle Ice molds.

Above, 1. Ice castle, 2. Egg shell ice sculpture, 3. Plastic Easter egg sculptures, 4. Building block ice sculpture, 5. Ice turtle(Plastic Easter egg), 6. Juice carton ice, 7. Popsicle mold ice, 8. Sand mold ice, 9. Egg carton ice cups

Materials Used:

To make ice:
Plastic Easter eggs
Beach toys, Sand molds
Popsicle mold
Empty Juice carton or Milk carton
Building blocks
Empty Egg Shell
Egg carton

To play:
Food colors
Muffin tray to store the watered down food colors
Eye droppers

Plastic Easter eggs

We used different types of Easter eggs, the normal ones and the animal shapes too.To freeze the water in them, first we placed the egg molds in egg cartons as shown below.

This method made it easier to pour water at a stretch and store the molds in freezer.

Start playing by sprinkling some salt on the frozen eggs, this will cause some holes and different textures on the surface of eggs. Add some drops of food color and have fun experimenting!

With animal shape eggs, We tried to create a turtle shape ice sculpture by closing the egg molds and some we left as half ones

For the turtle ice sculpture, after the water is frozen in half turtle eggs

We closed half shells and let it to freeze again

To take out the ice, we showed the outer surface in water and opened it after 2 mins. We got a beautiful turtle shape, how fun!

Building Blocks Ice

We used building blocks to make ice. Though this was little tough, we had lots of fun making ice castles. We had hard time taking out the ice blocks from the building block. Single shapes were easy to take out

To take out the ice. keep the building block in running water, leave for a min or 2.

Tap the ice out with a knife and pull.

Ice Building Blocks

Looks yummy, right!

More Building block ice

CJ loved playing with the ice building blocks!

Popsicle mold

Freeze water in Popsicle mold. Have fun with colors and salt

Beach Toys: Sand mold

Freeze water in Beach toys, sand mold. We made fish and crab shapes

Egg carton ice cups

This was an accidental find and an unexpected result. When we used egg cartons to store the Easter eggs, some water had slipped to the egg cartons. After freezing, we got a egg carton layer surrounding the egg which let to egg carton ice cups. How exciting and fun!

Closer view! We feel so proud of our find:-))

CJ poured food colors to the egg carton cups

Juice carton

We filled empty Juice carton with water and froze it. We placed the big block of ice in a dish pan and played around with salt, food colors

Egg shell ice

We poured water in an empty egg shell and placed it in an egg carton for freezing. We were too excited to try the experiment that we took out the egg before it was completely frozen. Peeled it just like a boiled egg. Because it was not completely frozen we got a hole in the middle.

Cracking ice egg!

We made a Ice castle with the building blocks ice and Juice carton ice

CJ also played Ice architect by sculpting with her tools!


  1. Really neat! Those turned out really well. I like how you experimented with all kinds of shapes and ideas.

  2. What a nice ide! We will have to try it. Thank u for sharing

  3. wow, you sure had some great fun with ice sculptures! LOVE all the different ways you froze ice - so many fun shapes & sizes to experiment with! Thanks for mentioning us :)

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    Thank you for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


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  6. Looks like a fun activity on a hot day! I love all the different shapes you used, especially the blocks. ;)

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    Mandi at

  11. So creative ,I am sure ur son must have enjoyed this

  12. @notyet100, I feel glad that you liked it! I have a 4 yr old daughter, I don't have a son:-)

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  14. Start playing by sprinkling some salt on the frozen eggs, this will cause some holes and different ...