Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In a Dark, Dark Wood

"In the Dark, Dark room" story is one of our favorite story/chant, Suspenseful and not too frightening Halloween story! Its a great story for chanting in call and response fashion. Two years before, we got to know about the book- Dark, Dark room and other scary stories from the Halloween story time. All these stories are fun to read and in my experience with CJ they are not so scary. But it is better for the parents to read once and see if its okay for their kids. Please hop on to my other blog, kidobook to read more about the book.

CJ has memorized the Dark, Dark room story and can retell with out the book. The Big surprise at the end is a Ghost!

During the summer reading program at the library, the story was told in a different way and it starts with "In a Dark, Dark wood". So I searched for the key word and found this book - In a Dark, Dark wood. We have put a hold on the library book. I think CJ would love it.


For the craft, We made line art scenes to go with the story/Chant. We did this activity so that CJ can practice her narrating skill. CJ had a good time sequencing the scenes based on the chant and reciting.

Materials Used:

Black construction paper/Chalk board
Anti-Dust chalk/White crayons

I just outlined the pictures of the story with chalk. We had a fun storytime reciting the chant with the pictures.

In a dark dark wood,

There was a dark dark path.And up that dark dark path,there was a dark dark house.

And in that dark dark house,there was a dark dark stairs.

And up that dark dark stairs,there was a dark dark room door.

And in that dark dark room,there was a dark dark curtain.

Behind the dark dark curtain,there was a dark dark box.

And in that dark dark box,there was a....GHOST(BOOM)!.

When I outlined the Ghost CJ felt it was not looking like a ghost. So I added some teeth, She laughed and said mommy "He looks so silly!"
I have to improve my drawing skills:-)

CJ had fun narrating and sequencing the story

In a Dark, dark wood line art


  1. Ooh the book sounds lovely and I love the craft - I bet it was great find using the white chalk on the dark background!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  2. What a great idea to use white chalk instead of a crayon. Thank you for sharing this with us on The Sunday Showcase!

  3. What a wonderful artwork! Chalk was perfect for this craft.

  4. This is wonderful! I love the use of chalk on black paper! And what a great book! We are in full Halloween book mode in my house right now; it's all the kids want to read. :) I would love it if you would stop by my blog to say hi! We made some pumpkin playdough this week that we're really proud of! I'm also featuring a recipe for pumpkin pancakes today! I hope you're having an awesome day!

    Mandi at BBM

  5. What a fun project...I love chalk on black paper. I remember this story from when I was little, I think my girls would love it.

    Thank you for linking up to stART!

    Michelle @ A Mommy's Adventures

  6. sequencing, retelling, and art - I love it!

  7. Love this. Pinned it. Thanks for sharing. Came over from Show and Share.

  8. Chalk board on paper?? Thats new!! wow!! I love what you've done.. so nice!!

  9. What a great way to review a story and I've been on the look out for Halloween books will add that to my list

  10. Wonderful idea to put the pictures to the story - this would be perfect for our Halloween linky party! Won't you share?
    {Not So} Tough Tuesday's on One Tough Mother - beginning at midnight Tuesday morning!

  11. What a great idea for illustrating a book!

  12. Hi,
    This is such a fun ideas for kids. I have a few not so scary books that my grandies love to read when visiting. I will gave to give this a whirl. Thanks for sharing. Hopped over from Not so Tough Tues.
    p.s. I remember when my youngest daughter could recite the book "I Bake Cakes" almost word for word. We had read it so often. Thanks for bringing back a fun memory.