Thursday, October 6, 2011

Holly Bloom's Garden: Garden Painting


Holly Bloom's Garden is a wonderful story of a girl, Holly Bloom. Holly's mom, sister and brother all have green thumb and they maintain a beautiful garden. Holly really wants to grow flowers too, but no matter how hard she tries she is unable to grow one. Her mom tries to encourage her by saying some flowers take longer time to bloom like late bloomers. Her sister and brother try to help her but all in vain. But finally she finds a creative way to grow her own garden. One night when everyone is asleep, Holly sneaks into her dad's art studio and makes all sorts of paper flowers that fill up the entire room. Its a good book for Self confidence and finding the right talents.

We enjoyed reading the book and the big surprise - long lasting garden at the end. The illustration of the flowers are beautiful. Well-written, I liked the names in the family, Holly's mom - Iris, Sister is Rosie and Brother - Bud. Holly's Dad calls her "Ladybug" and mother calls her "Sweet pea".

Some of my favorite parts from the book,
"Holly Bloom felt as grouchy as the thorns on a rosebush.
No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make her flowers grow."

It sounds so funny when Holly paints her finger green to get green thumb - "What I really need, thought Holly, is a green thumb."

"The fertilizer tickles her nose and She sneezes flowers out"

We made a long lasting flower garden art and gifted it to Daddy for his birthday

Materials Used:
Pencils with eraser
Rubber bands
Washable Tempera paint/Acrylic paint
Tooth Brush with tongue cleaner
Packing peanuts

Steps Overview:
We used some of our favorite stamping methods.

Bundle pencil stamping

I bundled up Q-tips as shown below and we used them to stamp Hyacinths

Dip in paint and stamp

Pink Hyacinths

Flower stamping using Tongue cleaner side of Tooth brush(The flowers in golden color and the next purple)

Packing Peanut stamping and Thumbprint flowers

Since CJ was more interested in painting with Q-tip, She painted grass with them

We stamped the sky blue with pom poms

Thumbprint bees are CJ's favorite!


  1. Oh, this is awesome. Now I have a million ideas running through my head:)

  2. Beautiful, love the creativity, simplicity and literacy connection. I think I need this book!

  3. The techniques you used are SO clever and the process of creation looks like SO much fun; the results are stunning too! This is a treasure to save and cherish forever! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow wow wow!! What a beautiful meadow. Simply gorgeous! Am so impressed!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  5. That`s very pretty!
    And a lot of work :)

  6. I never would have guessed that you had use pencils to stamp this. What a wonderful work of art.

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    I am excited to be a follower of your blog.

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