Monday, December 5, 2011

Hand print Birthday Cake card

We made hand print birthday cake cards for CJ's preschool friends. We took this idea from Meet the Dubiens blog but we used the little finger alone for the candles. Have you checked Meet the Dubiens blog hosted by Jill, she has awesome simple ideas, we love all her foot and handprint crafts. She has amazing photography skills that shows every detail of her crafts! I wish I was her kid:-) enjoying all the fun cute Bento boxes she prepares. She has a wonderful collection of cute, fun lunches!

Hand print birthday cake card:

Materials Used:

Construction paper(Purple and White)
Washable Tempera Paint
Glitter Glue

Steps Overview:
  1. Paint the palm alone don't paint fingers. Stamp on a white paper. Since we were making two cards, we made two palm prints side by side on a single sheet.

  2. Paint little finger and print as many candles as you want on your cake

  3. Using Glitter glue, decorate the cake. Set aside and let it dry. CJ in a hurry touched the glitter patterns and that's the irregular pattern at some places

  4. Using a marker, draw on the candle flames. Cut out the cake pattern in a rectangle shape. Cut a Purple construction paper into half and fold the piece in half to create a card. Glue the rectangle cake pattern on the paper


  1. Oh my, how sweet! The perfect personalised cake!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!