Monday, December 19, 2011

Button Jingle Bells

Button Jingle Bells

We made Button Jingle Bells. More then an ornament, CJ loved using it for her pretend school.

Materials Used:

Buttons of various sizes
Pipe Cleaners
Jingle bells

Thanks to for the Jingle Bells

Steps Overview:

Sort out buttons from Big to small

Fold pipe cleaner in half and thread the jingle bell to middle as shown below

Thread each end of the pipe cleaner through opposite holes on the Biggest button. Push the button tight as shown below.

Thread the next smaller button, repeating the steps

When u almost get the shape of Bell, stop threading, leave a inch or 2 of pipe cleaner, and twist the free ends as shown and cut the excess pipe cleaner out.

Hang it on the tree!

or let the little one play around with the jingle bells! less heavy and Perfect for the little hands!
Pretend school play with button bells

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