Thursday, March 8, 2012

Simple dry erase Playdough mat and Play dough play

Make your own Dry erase Play dough mat

Yesterday I had posted about the laminated construction paper play dough mats and the Rainbow play dough. I would like to share some of our creations with the mats

I made them plain so that we can draw our own images with the dry erase markers or Window markers

Simple outline of a girls face

Fill in the outlines with play dough as the filler. The light brown play dough is coffee play dough. Recipe - Autumnal Play dough from the Imagination tree blog

Cj added ribbons to her hair, ruffles to her dress..Orange skin is her choice too:-)

Play dough girl

Okay next what! We took off the play dough. Cleaned/wiped off the window markers and made a shamrock/clover outline

Play dough Shamrock/clover

Play dough flower

Underwater Sea scene with fishes, sea weeds and waves

Play dough Rainbow

Let's celebrate International Woman's Day with a cake!

Outline of cake

Play dough cake!

PS: These mats can be used as a simple dry erase board too!


  1. These are really wonderful ideas!! Love it:) Need to get some sheets laminated NOW.

  2. Yes Roopa! I think Putti will love it!

  3. Brilliant! I'm definitely going to make some of these.

  4. Esther, my daughter saw this on Pinterest and she told me we had to do this :) Looks so much fun.. thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :) If you'd like and if you haven't already, there is a linky going on in my blog right now that you can link this up in.


  5. This is brilliant idea Esther..

  6. Loved all the creations! Never thought of clay as a coloring medium before.

  7. Very creative indeed! Loved reading this post Esther..

  8. Beautiful ideas, Esther! Play dough can be a 2D medium and can replace colouring for a change. The sensory experience is an added bonus as compared to couring. Isn't it.
    Laminating the sheets is a nice idea - ecofriendly too for we'll save on paper. :)

  9. Esther, it is neat idea to use laminated construction paper for play dough art.

  10. Another clever and fun idea!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty! Great to see you there!

    Maggy & Alissa

  11. GENIUS!!!! My kids don't love playing with playdoh because they aren't super creative on their own. I think this would help them a ton!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT! I've got some St. Patty's stuff going on on my blog, too. Come check it out if you'd like!

  12. This is great! Can't wait to try this out with my kids.