Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Breaking the long Silence!

After a Long Break, Finally I got to post! Thank you for visiting my webpage while we were gone and some of you had mailed about our silence! Sorry for suddenly going out of blogger world with out informing. We(CJ and I) are back from India after a long vacation. I didn't think of taking a Blog Break but after reaching India there was so much to do and our only computer time was making Skype calls with my husband and checking mail.

We spent most of our time in Chennai, India. CJ had a fun time from start to end, made Sweet memories playing with my niece(Her Best friend), met loving relatives, visited new places, Pampering from both side Grandparents. We took lot of pictures, would love to share some of them with you

CJ's hand decorated with henna

CJ enjoying her Train ride with my Dad

We visited Guindy National Park and few clicks

CJ wearing a Saree! She was pretty excited to wear a mommy dress up! But all the excitement lasted only for few minutes. She started saying the silk saree is prickly:-(

We enjoyed building Sand castles and flying kites in the Beach

We love wearing Jasmine flowers. CJ and my niece with long strings of Jasmine. They call it as long hair.

My mom made CJ a baby cradle or Baby hammock using a saree so that she can swing and CJ enjoying her swing.

I enjoyed looking back at my old art works @home! Sweet Old Memories!

Glass painting on windows

The Sparrow Couple


Glass painting on Mirror

Embroidery on Indian Flour Sifter or Sieve. I made them when I was in School(10th Grade).


  1. So excited to see you back!! Thank you for sharing pictures of your trip with us. It looks like you had an amazing time!