Thursday, November 15, 2012

Funny Scarecrow! Kindergarten Craft 3

We made craft stick Scarecrow for the kindergarten craft session. The Scarecrow is perfect to hang on the door for the Fall season. I was inspired by the Scarecrow craft from Little Family fun blog, I made the craft with my twists and turns.
Scarecrow craft to hang on the door

It's a story of a scarecrow who doesn't do his job on time. But realizes it later and works hard. Impressive, bright-illustrated pictures delight the kids. Each page has less number of words and the simple words are easy to understand. More about the lazy scarecrow book on my other blog - kidobook(Books I read to my kid)

Craft - The Scarecrow

Materials Used:
Craft Sticks
Googly Eyes(1 inch)
Neon Pom Poms(1 inch)
Construction papers(Brown, Yellow)
Glue stick
Child safe scissors

Hat and Nose Template:

Thank you for the Neon Pom Poms and the Googly eyes.

Steps Overview:
Line up two craft stick vertically as shown

Apply glue as a line on the sticks as shown

Arrange two sticks in the horizontal direction as shown to form a square

Start arranging sticks in the horizontal direction to fill in the square. This will form the face of the scarecrow

Set aside for drying. While it is drying, Trace the hat template on a brown paper

I made the drawings on the brown paper before the craft session for all the kids and let them cut out the template.

I pre-cut the yellow construction paper rectangles(Hay) for the Scarecrow Hair.

Glue the yellow hay rectangles to the corners of the hat

Apply glue to the base of the Hat

Glue the Hat on top of the craft sticks face.

Glue the Wiggly eyes, Pom Pom/Triangle construction paper Nose and draw a mouth with the marker

When we did the craft in school we used pom poms for the nose and one of the girls said she thought he is a clown. The kids were discussing whether he is a clown or Scarecrow. They where talking about differences, they were saying a clown has a funny hat and rosy cheeks. So the kids concluded he is a Funny Scarecrow with a clown nose:-)

Scarecrow with Pom Pom Nose

Scarecrow with Construction paper Nose

Tape a length of Yarn or Ribbon to the back of the scarecrow so you can hang it on the Door or as a Fall Decor!

The Funny Scarecrows
Kindergarten Scarecrow Craft

What do you like Pom pom nose or the triangle nose?


  1. What an adorable idea! They all look so cute laying out on the table. I love the little bright pom-pom noses!

  2. This a so cute! The book looks really cute! Thank you for sharing it on Read.Explore.Learn. I am going to share it on the Facebook page tonight.

  3. Oh super cute! I think my boys would really enjoying making some scarecrows this weekend.

  4. This is very cute. I just wanted to let you know that I have a kids activities submission site (Simply Creative Kids) and I am linking to this post if you don't mind. You are welcome to submit your projects if you'd like.