Wednesday, February 18, 2009


On seeing the Kitchen Masterpiece Event conducted by Chitra Amma's Kitchen Blog, recalled the craft I did for a School Art Exhibition when I was in 10th std, and felt that craft can be a potential entry for this event.

I named this craft as 'gFrame', where 'g' would mean groceries/greenery. Used the word 'Frame' because I used a picture frame to show case the craft. Here are some snaps of the craft.

Lentil Art

Now to the making of the craft.

Materials Used :
  • Poster Sheet(used Black Poster)
  • Lentil(Green, Black, Orange,I Yellow Dhaal)
  • Rice grains(Basmati)
  • Saunf or Fennel Seeds
  • Black Cumin or Aniseed
  • Red kidney beans
  • Picture Frame
  • Craft glue(used Fevicol)
Steps Overview :
  • Draw a picture on the Poster sheet using Pencil or chalk piece. Select the picture design keeping in mind that we have to glue lentils in the outline. While drawing the picture, leave enough space between the lines such as to accommodate the lentils later while gluing.
  • Squeeze a line of glue on the outline of the picture. Apply little glue in the sharper end of a tooth pick, pick the lentils one by one and fit in the glued outline. Complete the full design with different lentils, cereals of choice.
  • Let glue dry for one day. Then keep the poster in the picture frame. You can use a transparent plastic warp and tightly cover the poster before framing it. This will make your craft bug-free.
  • In my picture design, I used green gram Lentil for Parrot, Fennel seeds for Leaves, Aniseed for Stems, Orange Lentil(Masoor dhaal), Yellow Lentil(Moong dhaal), Pop corn Kernels for Flowers, Basmati rice for Circle around the parrot, Red kidney beans for tree branch


  1. Wooowwwww amazing art work.......first time in your blog.... its very beautiful......

  2. Thanks Gayathri.. I jus now visited your blog. Your blog template is very creative!!!

  3. very cute and looking perfect...lovely

  4. I am coming seeing ur art at the round-up. What a green/Grocerie art! Great work!

  5. Wow Esther great to know your blog.Would like to see more of your work...keep blogging !!!