Monday, February 23, 2009

Diy Sewing cards or Lacing cards

Make your own Lacing cards

We had gone for lunch to a friend's place. In the lunch my daughter was getting bored and started crying. Our friends daughter gave some punched cards and shoe lace sort of threads to my daughter. These kept my daughter engaged for quiet sometime. They looked interesting and the cards were a safe method of teaching sewing. But somehow I missed to note the name of the craft. At home I was doing cross stitching and my daughter was showing interest in helping me. So I created similar punch cards and used my daughter's old shoe laces. Though I had created the punch cards, I was eager to know what was the craft name. Finally after a long search using Google search engine, sorted out that the craft was Sewing cards or Lacing cards.
Sewing cards are my entry for Shama's Kids Friendly Crafts Event

Materials Used

Poster sheets or cereal boxes or card boards
Hole Punch
Markers, Pencil or pen or crayons
Shoelaces or ribbon or cords

  1. Draw the desired shape on the poster sheet/card board. Color them or stick stickers to make them look attractive.
  2. Punch holes with hole punch about 1" or 1/2 inch apart all around the edge of the card shape.
  3. Tie one end of the shoe lace or ribbon to one punch hole on the card so that it doesn't come out. Give the cards to your kids with shoe laces and show them how to sew in and out of the holes. Keep going till you have the full shape done.
Flower sewing card

Alphabet Sewing card

When I was browsing for sewing cards, I came across this shoe lace tying craft. The below shoe shape with laces can help little ones learn shoe lace tying.

Shoe shape sewing card

We can also customize the sewing cards to hand-made cards of our kids.


  1. Esther,
    These lacing cards are fantastic!! We do lacing too, but my cards are very basic... just cut our cereal box, punch holes :)
    Thanks for sharing the link