Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Egg shell Humpty Dumpty Doll

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall. Egg shell Humpty!

Most of us know the famous nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall", which tells the tale of Humpty Dumpty and his fall. I started doing this Humpty Dumpty Doll doll for my 19 months old daughter. Ended up with a doll in the picture below.

I felt that the doll was not resembling Humpty Dumpty. Something was missing. So I started browsing for Humpty Dumpty pictures and found that his structure is completely Oval. When I read the origin of Humpty Dumpty Doll I came to know the fact that he is an Egg. I changed my doll design and this is my entry for Shama's Kids friendly event My daughter was so excited to see the doll. Hope other kids will also like it.

Making of Humpty Dumpty Doll..

Materials Used :
  • Egg Shell
  • craft glue
  • Foam sheet
  • Felt cloth
  • Paper
Steps Overview :
  • Break the egg at the boarder end of the egg
  • Remove the yolk inside and Clean the egg shells in warm, soapy water. Allow the shell to dry.
  • Fill in cotton inside the egg shell
  • Using the Boarder part of the egg, trace a Semi-Oval shape of the Egg on a foam sheet as shown below. Draw hands and legs.
  • Cut Hands and legs on the foam

  • With the oval shape foam as reference cut a paper.
  • Glue the paper to the Egg shell allow it to dry. Then glue the Hands and legs. Allow it to dry.
  • Draw eyes, nose and mouth on the narrow part of the egg shell.
  • Now dress Mr. Humpty as you wish. I have used a oval felt cloth to dress up.
  • Create a Wall structure with an Empty cardboard box. I Have created wall structure with an Empty lens solution box. Wrapped the box with brown felt cloth. With marker pens, have given a wall structure on the Felt cloth .
  • Make Dumpty sit on the wall and by gluing him on to the wall, make sure that he doesn't fall down :-)


  1. wow..thats a nice idea dear.....thank you for sending it to the event...if u wish ,u can send ur micky mask , egg shell tulips and gframe for the event .will add u to my list

  2. Shama, Thanks for the nice words