Sunday, July 26, 2009

Paper Mache Toilet paper roll car: Recycled sculpture

As part of the summer reading program we had Recycled sculpture contest at the library. My daughter and I made this Paper Mache Car. Many kids participated in the contest and there were many creative ideas. The Librarian gave metals as prize to all the participants.

The craft was adapted from the book Papier Mache (Let's Create) by Anna Llimos Plomer

Materials used:

Toilet paper tubes
Color paper
Newspaper strips
Craft Glue
Cello tape or Staplers or Clothespin
Permanent markers or Black pen

Steps Overview:
  • Glue together three toilet paper tubes in a horizontal row. Glue two tubes on the top as shown below. I had it stapled so that it stays in place or you can also hold tubes in place with a few clothespin until the glue dries.
  • Tear strips of newspaper. Brushing each strip with glue. Wrap them around the stack of cardboard tubes until the tubes are covered with newspaper as shown below
  • When the newspaper strips dry, cover the entire car with Plaster of Paris. In the Book they had painted the car with acrylic paint. But I have glued blue color paper.
  • Cut window shapes, front and back license plates from white paper and glue it or Paint the windows of the car and license plates
  • Paint wheels on the car black, yellow lights on the front and the back end


  1. hey thats really creative!!! Too good
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  2. Very. Nice. U need to link these pics to the latest artsy-craftsy to qualify :)
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  3. I also need the pics with a copy right info. I can only upload them after that :) . pls send them fast cos i'm really excited abt ur entries.