Thursday, July 30, 2009

DIY Juice carton Organizer

Turn a Juice carton into a organizer

The DIY organizer idea is adapted from Maya*Made Blog. She had made this organizers from Milk carton. I have used Juice Carton and made few changes to the tutorial she had given.

Materials Used:
Clean and dry empty Juice carton
decorative plastic sheets

Steps Overview:
  • Open up the pour side of carton as shown below
  • Remove the plastic spout
  • Lay carton on side and carefully cut out top of container with a scissors or knife
  • Fold sides down and staple as shown below

Use any decorative paper and cover the outer sides with paper. I have used decorative plastic sheets. I love these organizers and they are great on shelf, counter tops. They less expensive and neatly organize containers or craft supplies.

1 comment:

  1. This is the first thing I've seen tonight that made any sense. All the commercial products are the wrong size, expensive, wrong colors. It seemed like a simple thing to find - a couple of organizer boxes to put on a bathroom shelf. Thanks a million! Now I just have to choose what kind of juice to drink!
    Janet Knori