Saturday, August 1, 2009

Organizing Hair Supplies & Make-Up

July month round up on Organize junkie is Organizing Hair Supplies and Make-up

Face cleanser and face cream with sun screen protection, powder are the only make-up items we use in a day. We keep our face products and hair styling products in the bathroom counter tops near the sink. We have two bathrooms and they were all cluttered up and wanted to organize them.

Before - Bathroom1

After - Bathroom1

Have re-purposed empty Juice carton into an organizer. Have made few organizers like this and used them in both bathrooms to organize the clutters. To know more about the Juice carton organizer please read on my previous post for the tutorial.

Before - Bathroom2

After - Bathroom2

I had great difficulty in organizing my combs. Re-purposed empty salt container into a comb organizer.

We use this clear storage cabinet to store our handy stuff. Second drawer is filled with our hair accessories and hair clips. I can't spot any of my hair clips.



Got this idea of DIY Drawer divider from Design Sponge. Now I have four compartments. Wow I have sorted out my hair clips and my daughter's separate. one compartment holds chap stick, Nail cutters and safety pins.


  1. Wow very nice post!!

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  2. Hey Esther, you won the Round-Up prize for last month. Please send me a reply with your address. Thanks!!


  3. Nice idea... esther....After all who likes clutter... !!! Embellish ur recycled cartons with some stones or stickers.. it will luk more cheerful and lovely... !!!