Friday, March 26, 2010

Egg carton tree

Egg Carton Tree
I store up cardboard boxes, egg cartons for recycling purpose. CJ(My little girl aged 2 1/2) loves to paint and I give her the recycled cardboard to play round with paint. She mixes all colors together and creates a random art. Wanted her to create an meaningful painting and thus the Egg carton tree was grown in a day.

Materials Used:
Egg carton(I used foam egg carton, u can use paper ones too)
Paint brush
Glue (Normal Glue, Hot glue will make the foam melt)
Child safe scissors

Steps Overview:
We cut the Egg carton cups into rows of 3, 2, 1. Applied glue to the egg carton cup as shown below.

Stuck the egg carton 2 cup row for the trunk as shown below

Applied glue to 3 cups row of egg carton and glue it to the top of the trunk then glue 2 cup carton and 1 cup carton. We got the tree structure as below.

We let it dry. Then CJ painted the tree leaves green.

She painted the tree trunk brown. For the background I made CJ to paint green grass and blue sky.

Then we painted cloud, rock, birds and sun too


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