Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Paddle Ball Game Turkey

Upcycle Halloween Paddle ball game bats to a Turkey

During Halloween season we bought these Colorful collection of Paddle ball game from the party favors section. Though my daughter didn't know the game she just wanted it because of the colorful attraction. We knew the excitement will be for a very short span. After playing for two days the blanks were lying here and there in the living room and being scared of choking hazard my husband cut out the ball and string off the paddle ball game with scissors. He gave the Paddle Ball Blanks to me (I don't let him throw any of the crafty scarps like this). They are the best one to fit any of my up-cycle projects:-)

Whim to create a last minute Turkey Craft made me to take out the Paddle ball blanks lying in the craft bin. Colorful Paddle Blanks made a beautiful feathery appearance. Gobble Gobble Mr. Turkey!!!!

Mr. Turkey also became a friend of my little girl, there she is playing with him. She says: Mommy Thank you for making the Turkey for me because I didn't like those things(She means the Paddle game).

Materials Used:

6 Paddle Ball game Blanks(cut out the ball and string off the paddle ball blanks with scissors)

Turkey Pattern:
Make your own Turkey Pattern/Template

Circular Body:
CD with scratches or Not working and one dark brown circular felt(dimensions of CD)

Neck and face together:
Cut out in Tan felt

Cut out in Tan felt

I used two white waste paper circles from paper punch and two black Bindi for the Pupil or to keep it simple you can use Googly eyes
Cut out in Gold felt

Cut out in red (or dark red) felt

Cut out Green Felt and brown Felt

Half beads or white scrap circles to hide the holes in the Paddle blank(optional)

Hot glue or any other strong glue to stick the paddle blanks to the CD
Felt glue for the Felt part

Steps Overview:
Arrange the Paddle blanks as shown below

Place drops of Hot glue(I used a strong glue instead of Hot glue) on handle part of the blanks and Place the recycled CD on top of the Glued part of the blank. Let it to dry. Turn the CD and it will look like below

Preparing the Parts of Turkey:
Print out the pattern. Cut the eyes, beak, wattle, Head&Neck, Body, hat, Feet along the lines from the pattern paper.Using the pattern pieces as guide, cut out the eyes, beak, wattle, Head& Neck, Body, hat, Feet from the corresponding color Felt sheets

Glue on the Brown circular felt to the CD using felt glue as shown below

Glue on the Neck part felt at the center of the Brown Felt as shown below. Glue the Backside of the face part, head to the Orange Paddle blanks So that they stand steady

Glue on the Eyes, Wattle and the beak on to the face. Glue on the Feet at the bottom of the Brown Felt. Glue on the green hat to the head of the turkey.

Tada!!! Mr. Turkey is ready to be Hung on a wall as thanksgiving decoration or decorate a Fall decor table. To Hang on a Wall attach a string or a Hook at the backside of the CD
I have mine sitting on the Fall decor table.


  1. I love the turkey! It's such a great way to reuse things, and fun, too!

  2. Cute and clever! Love it! Thanks so much for linking up.

  3. Nice.... Good Creativity, Esther.... Keep it up.

  4. This is super cute! I love how you recycled the paddles. I hope you will link this post to my Thanksgivingat a great Traditions link up!

  5. This is a fun decoration - and a great way to reuse!