Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas wired bow Tutorial

For this Christmas I decorated the tree and the lamp shade with few wired ribbon bows. I made them after seeing the tutorial by Judy of DIY by Design.
How to make a wired bow
I used Wired ribbon and Balloon string(you can use floral wiring) to make them. In the tutorial, Judy had used a cardboard to wrap the ribbon instead I used a DVD.

Start wrapping the wired ribbon lengthwise on the DVD as shown below. Continue wrapping based on the no. of petals you want. I wrapped until the entire roll was completed.

Remove the wrapping from the DVD with out disturbing the wrap and tie a knot with floral wiring/Balloon string in the middle as shown below

Start pulling the loops one by one as shown below.

Tada! the Bow is complete and now decorate as you wish

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  1. Wow you did an amazing job. I'm so glad you shared your project with me and I'm so glad you enjoyed my tutorial. Thanks for mentioning me. I'm your latest follower. If you aren't already a follower (you may be - I haven't figured out a way to quickly figure that out), I'd love if you would follow me back.