Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunflower Wall hanging

Indian Corn Sunflower Art
After Completing the Sunflower art I had great difficulty figuring out how to hang it on the wall. Finally after seeing the Flower Wall hanging at Make it and love it blog, decided to make my own Sunflower Wall hanging.

We got this very simple, light weight paper frame with the Read, Listen Disney Princess Activity Tin. At first I thought how can we use this boring frame for a photo display but anyways I didn't want to throw it as always. Being inspired by the Fabric Wall hanging at Make it and love it blog, created my own version.

As you see the frame was having a stand and so there was a opening as seen below

I wanted to give a sturdy and art canvas look to the frame. So I cut a piece of white poster board slightly smaller than inner frame. Applied glue to the inner rectangle of the frame and Pushed the poster board inside the frame.

Then, I cut one more piece of white poster board the same size as the top of the open frame and glued it on as shown below

Below is a favorite shirt of my husband which is not wearable anymore because of a small hole. But the fabric is in good condition. I used the fabric for the frame.

I cut the shirt to get fabric slightly bigger than my frame. I kept the dimensions of the fabric excess enough to fold around the back. Coated the outer part of the frame with fabric glue and smoothed the fabric down thoroughly with my hand. Applied fabric glue on the underlay rim and glued the fabric as shown below

Now that the frame was ready, I glued on the sunflower to the center of the frame using plenty of fabric glue.

Here is the Sunflower Wall Art decorating the bare wall over my daughter's bed. Makes me grin with esteem when I tuck my daughter to sleep.


  1. This turned out great-I love sunflowers! It's so bright and happy. Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. Thanks Courtney! I heart comments and I would also like to thank you for creating the fall show up linky

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  4. This is so great! What a sunny fun project. Thanks for linking up today!