Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DIY: Hawaiian Lei

DIY Hawaiian Lei

We came across the Hawaiian leis at the party supplies shop and CJ liked it so much that she was requesting to buy her one. It looked easy to create and so I told her we can create Hawaiian necklaces and head bands. After coming from the shop we made paper Hawaiian leis and it was a super duper hit!

All you need is

Construction paper
Plastic needle(The needle we used is from a kids crochet kit)
Yarn or Embroidery Thread
Flower punch or Flower template
Child Safe scissors

Steps Overview:

Thread the needle eye with thread or yarn. Tie a knot at the end of the string or thread. If you are new/beginner to sewing, you may like to try How to Thread a Needle and Tie a Knot tutorial.

Cut the straws approx 1,2 inches size

Cut paper flowers by using flower punch or flower template

String a flower by piercing with the needle directly through the center of the flower.

String in the straw piece

String in flower and then straw. Continue in the same order
Fine motor skills - Thread straw and paper flowers to make a lei

After certain length of stringing flowers and straws, just wrap the string around the head and check whether it works.
DIY Hawaiian Lei - Thread Paper Flowers and Cut Straws

When complete, tie off the thread and cut off any excess. Hawaiian Headband ready!

Cj enjoyed the sewing activity so much that she started threading the needle with out my help

We also created a neck garland and bracelet. For the neck garland, instead of flowers we used paper circles. For hand bracelet, we stringed in straws and flower petal shapes


  1. Oh my!! HOW ADORABLE!?!? Love the flower garland. Beautiful!

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  2. Very cute! These are on my 2do list! :) Thanks for adding your posts to last week's High paw! Enjoyed them much! :)

  3. What a great activity for her. I am so glad you made them yourselves instead of buying them. I need to be better at that. Kids love things they make so much more. She is a gorgeous girl! Thanks for linking up to art4littlehands.

  4. sencillamente preciosa esa corona de hawallana jajaj!!! besos virginia.

  5. Esther, CJ looks simply adorable with her headband! My youngest would love making these - she adores flowers, necklaces & headbands so this would combine her favorite things in one lovely craft that she can proudly wear! THank you for the idea, I had never thought to make our own. This would probably also work well with foam flower cut-outs & I think we might have some to test it out with! :)

    Thanks for linking up your ideas at the Sunday Showcase - looking forward to seeing what you will share this week.


  6. Bernadette, Thanks! I feel glad that you liked it! CJ loves them too and she asks mommy do I look fancy with all these on!

  7. My friend is having a hawaiian themed bday party- I will make sure to send this her way!

  8. Thanks for linking in :) I wanted to try this for P's bday.. but cutting so many petals for 30 kids seemed too cumbersome.. I so missed a pinch at that time., :) CJ looks adorable.