Monday, July 11, 2011

Plastic Easter Egg: Pretend Pig Nose

One half of Plastic Egg + Piece of yarn = Pretend Pig Nose

The Plastic eggs I used had two holes. So I threaded a piece of yarn thorough the holes(The yarn should be pig big enough to tie around the head). If the egg doesn't have holes, you can also glue the yarn to the egg.

Place the egg on top of the nose.

Take one free end of the yarn towards back side of ear and bring it back to under chin. Same way do for the other end and tie a knot under the chin. Cj felt comfortable wearing this way.

or Just tie the loose ends at the back of head

Pretend Pig Nose using a Plastic Easter Egg

Play Pretend pigs!

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  1. I'm pinning this one! Will remind me to do this when we read 3 little pigs! :)