Friday, September 9, 2011

DIY: Construction Paper Wreath

Construction Paper Wreath

When I saw the Scrapbook paper Wreath over at Craft envy blog, I had decided to make one for CJ's fourth birthday. We celebrated her birthday in the month of June and I made this construction paper wreath with my own twists and turns to the tutorial. What took me so long to post the tutorial is that I didn't take pictures while making the wreath. So I made a new paper wreath changing few steps and making corrections based on the lessons learnt in the previous version.

Materials Used:

Construction papers 9" X 12"
Glue/sticky tape
Needle and thread

Steps overview:

Stack up different colors of construction paper in a pile and Start folding in accordion style. Based on the wreath size either fold along the breadth or length. I just free handed the accordion fold but you can also use a ruler/scoring board for equal widths.

While folding when you reach the end of the paper, fold a small accordion fold as shown below

Separate the sheets of construction paper. Start attaching the sheets of paper to form a long strip. Use the smallest fold for gluing.

While gluing make sure to match up your folds, no worries if you match up wrongly, you can refold it.

When you have almost joined 6 sheets of paper, bring together the folds on one edge to form a semicircle shape or a Japanese fan shape

Keep aside the semicircle shape and to maintain the shape I added a masking tape as shown below

Create one more semicircle shape using the above steps

Connect the two semicircles together to form a circular Shape

Version 1: CJ's Birthday party decor

Cut the inside of a paper plate out

To give a sturdy base for the wreath, I just glued the plate to the backside of the wreath. Tie a string to the paper plate and it can also act as a hanging support.

Version 2: The above wreath has a circular hole/opening in the center. Recently I saw this Paper Rosette tutorial over at polka dot pineapple and I used her technique to get a neater finish in this version of wreath

With a needle and thread, take a running stitch near the circular edge of the accordion pleated ring. Gather and tie off in the back. Cut the extra thread.

Pretty neat right! I have used pushpins to hang the wreath on the wall.

More views of the wreath!


  1. This is so pretty - folding is great fine motor skills work for young children!!

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