Friday, September 9, 2011

Hen's Pens Book: Dry erase marker play


Hen's Pens is a beginning reader book. The story is about the art adventure of a hen who receives ten new felt pens. After drawing few images, the hen decides that making zigzag patterns is what she likes best. In no time she runs out of paper, so she draws zigzags on eggs. She makes same zigzag designs on all animal eggs and the eggs look alike which leads to a major mix up. CJ liked the pictures of the farm animals, they are so adorable. Repetitive text, Rhyming words and funny ending makes it a fun phonic book to read with your early reader.


For the craft, we played around with a set of dry erase markers

Materials Used:
Dry Erase Markers(Non-Toxic, low odor)
Masking Tape
Poster board

Dry Erase Markers as a building element:

We usually make pretend batons by fitting a dry erase marker pen to another dry erase marker as shown below

It's real fun to join the markers and play. We also play swords. CJ loves it because sometimes the markers fall apart when the swords hit against each other.

Though the markers connect together, we added pieces of masking tape at joints to secure it tight and made a giant marker pen.

CJ enjoys coloring with her giant marker pen

Measuring with dry erase markers:

The inspiration for this activity is from the maths with legos post over at nurturestore website.

We measured the height of our TV table, how many marker pens tall is the table?

CJ measuring her cycle

Drawing equal space lines/Parallel lines:

I saw the idea of Making/drawing even spaced roads by taping sharpie pens to a juice bottle over at filthwizardry website. It looked like lots of fun and so we connected marker pens with masking tape as shown below

We made road map!

Abstract art

How about drawing a Rainbow!


  1. What fun! I love the you used them to draw and measure!

  2. Oh my gosh.. this looks like so much fun!!

  3. You do have some fun ideas! Love all the things you can do with marker pens!!!

    Thank you, again, for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  4. How versatile. I really love the giant marker pen - that's fun!

  5. What fun, I love taping the two markers together and drawing with them. Emily and Juliette would enjoy that!

    Thank you for linking up to stART!