Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 19 - Day 30 of Hands on Play Challenge

Day 19 Challenge: Music Making

We sang Christmas songs and CJ made jingle sounds with her Jingle bracelets. She also played drum beats with her favorite instrument - dowel sticks and Slide

Day 20 Challenge: Paint

We painted our Salt dough ornaments

Day 21 Challenge: Have a party

We had a tea party with our stuffed toys

Day 22 Challenge: Investigate

CJ loves her magnifying Glass. So we had fun playing/investigating with it.

Day 23 Challenge: Printing with objects

We missed this challenge. stamping/printing with different objects is a hit @ our household. So we will catch up later.

Day 24 Challenge: Playful fun
We played our favorite tickle game. CJ sits in front of me showing her back. I trace a alphabet on her back with my finger and she has to guess the alphabet. We take turns. CJ traces the alphabet and I have to guess. It is a fun Sensory game. CJ calls it as tickling game. She starts giggling with the touch.

Day 25 Challenge: Small world play

We played with our Princess sensory tub.

Day 26 Challenge: Play in a box

I set out a cardboard box. CJ's instant response "Mommy I'm going to make a card board story box like Pinky Dinky Doo". CJ loves Pinky Dinky Doo episodes. We found it via Netflix Streamline. Cj asked me to streamline the episode because of the pink words title. After watching few episodes she became fan of Pinky.

Pinky is a 7-year-old girl, She and her younger brother, Tyler, discuss new words, concepts and use imagination and logic to answer some of life's questions. When a problem arises, Pinky says,"That gives me an idea" and Tyler says, "Pinky, are you going to make up a story?" and Pinky will say, "Yeserooni positooni!" and dances her way to a cardboard Story Box with Tyler and their pet Mr. Guinea Pig. Pinky uses a piece of chalk and her imagination to tell a story. Wanna know more, do visit the Pinky Dinky Doo website! They have a collection of games, videos and printables.

CJ started drawing with a chalk piece on the outside of the box
Draw with a chalk piece on the outside of box

After sometime, she got inside the cardboard box just like pinky dinky doo

Her story doodle!

Day 27 Challenge: Dress up

CJ's favorite pretend play is "mommy and baby" game where CJ is the mommy and I'm her baby. So she got a mommy dress up. Mommy dress up--> Mommy's sun glass and a hand bag!

Day 28 Challenge: Create something for someone special

We made a Birthday card(Party hat card) for CJ's teacher and Hand print cake cards for her School/class friends.

Day 29 Challenge: Role play

Our newly appointed photographer's camera:-)

CJ loves to take pictures. During thanksgiving sale, we were window shopping for a Tripod stand. CJ got so much inspired that she created the camera mounted on the tripod stand with the building blocks. The Role play was completely CJ's idea. She took the role of a photographer and we had to model for the pictures. If she was impressed with our pictures she gave us(the picture models) treats/toys.

Day 30 Challenge: Keep on Playing

The challenge is from both - Hands on as we grow and Imagination tree, they have a detailed post on ways to keep on playing.

Wow! November was a busy month! Really I should thank both the amazing bloggers - Jamie of Hands on as we grow and Anna of Imagination tree, for the wonderful play challenge! The ladies did a wonderful job, the challenges were very simple and inexpensive. The 30 days of play challenge changed the way I play with CJ. I realized dedicated time/play(no distractions) is a must and was amazed by CJ's creativity, the way she comes up with the different ideas! That gives me way to nurture CJ's creativity in her own way rather than spoon feeding. Be her assistant and let her play:-)

The 30 days of play challenges can be found on Hands on as we we grow, The Imagination Tree, how we played here


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  2. Thank you for such a lovely summary post! We are thrilled so many people joined us in this challenge :-)