Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Magnetic Christmas countdown

Magnetic Christmas countdown
As usual CJ started "Mommy is it Christmas yet", that calls for a Christmas countdown tree. I have seen many a cute idea for advent calendars. But I wanted to make a simple, easy countdown. So I opted for Numbers magnets countdown. I was originally thinking to make a paper Christmas tree and add magnetic pom-poms one by one each day until Christmas. But CJ opted to do add all the pom-poms(pretend lights) and place the countdown numbers on the top.

Materials Used:

Green Construction paper
Magnetic pom-poms(Pom-Poms and Button Magnets)
Cookie Tray
Number Magnets
Alphabet Magnets

Steps Overview:

We made an Origami tree using the tutorial from Craft project ideas. Have you checked out Craftsprojectideas.com, they have a wonderful collection of Christmas crafts and the products used on the site are all sold at the Kids’ Crafts aisle in Walmart stores.

For the 3 sections of the Christmas tree, we used 9" construction paper square, 7" square and 6" square. After making the 3 sections of the tree, we glued the medium section on top of the largest triangle and the smallest on the top of the medium section.

I originally thought of adding a magnet to the wrong side of Christmas tree and attach it to the cookie tray, Add pom pom magnets one by one each day. CJ opted for adding the pom pom magnets as decorations one time, so we didn't add the magnet to the tree. We just placed the paper tree on the cookie tray and added the pom pom magnets to hold the tree in place

Look at the pattern, CJ added the pom pom magnets in a zigzag manner.

Add the number magnets and alphabet magnets for the count down

We also played the countdown once for CJ to know how it is going to work? Isn't it a fun way to learn number count down too!

Use magnetic numbers for countdown and keep changing the number

Christmas Countdown Begins!

This post is also part of a special blog hop "Add A Little Learning To Your Play", hosted by Jill of A Mom With A Lesson Plan. Jill is celebrating first anniversary of her blog. Congrats Jill!


  1. I have seen a lot of Christmas countdowns but I think this might be the most creative! I love that your daughter was able to create it herself and the visual of counting down is awesome! Thank you so much for linking up!!!!

  2. I love your pom poms-- it is so difficult to get them here in Bangalore!

  3. what a fun learning tool - thanks for sharing

  4. Oooh what a fun countdown! My kids would want to play with it straight away!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  5. This is fabulous!!! I might have to add this to our list of Advent Calendars!

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    Hope that you will come by my blog, Sunrise Learning Lab, and see what we are up to this week.

  10. Love your blog - great ideas! Thanks!

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