Friday, December 23, 2011

Danino yogurt cup Bell ornaments

Danino cup Bell Ornaments

We upcycled Danino yogurt cups to Bell ornaments. Easy to make and they look beautiful.

Danino yogurt cup Bell Ornaments

Materials Used:

Danino yogurt cups/Small disposable cups/Egg cartons
Rhinestone Sequins(Dollar aisle of target)
Pipe cleaners/Glitter sticks
Jingle Bells
Tri beads/Beads

Steps Overview:

Poke a small hole in the center of the Danino yoghurt cup using a needle/pipe cleaner

Add jingle bell at one free end of pipe cleaner, twist and secure the jingle bell

From inside of the cup, Let the other free end of pipe cleaner into the cup hole.

To make the pipe cleaner stand in place we added tri beads on the top of the cup

Twist and form a loop structure on top. Use the loop to hang the ornament from tree

Decorate with stickers, glitters, buttons or as you wish. We decorated the bell with rhinestone sequins and embellished with a glitter stick bow. Hang it on the Christmas tree

CJ had lots of fun playing with it!