Friday, March 30, 2012

Forever Friends: Four seasons Play with tp roll trees

Toilet paper roll tree Season play

We love the book - It's a story of a beautiful blue bird and a playful brown bunny. One pleasant spring morning, the bird makes her friendship call by a song "come play" and the bunny starts to play with the bird. They become friends and play through the spring, summer, and fall. In Winter the bird gets ready for migration and leaves the bunny assuring that they will meet again in spring. All winter long the bunny and the bird miss each other and they reunite in Spring. They become Forever Friends.

The illustrations are beautiful, cut paper collages. Wonderful book for separation anxiety - assuring the little ones the loved one will be back soon. The book also introduces the four seasons, the illustration of spring with blossoms is beautiful. We adore the Friendship between the bird and the bunny. The book also touch bases few basic info like Habitat and migration

Four Seasons Forever friends Play:

For the Book + Activity, We made the toilet paper roll trees with different tree tops for the different seasons.

For the play you'll need

Tp Rolls
Green, orange, yellow pink, construction paper
Child safe scissors

The characters of play

Bird - We used the red bird puppet from our Brown Bear, Brown bear play(magazine paper collage)
Bunny - you can make a bunny puppet or use a bunny toy ,the one we used is from Ikea

Make slits in the tp rolls and attach a green construction paper tree top. For the cherry blossoms, cut pink flowers and glue them or use flower stickers


You can just flip the cherry blossom green tree tops to the green side and use for summer. CJ suggested to add sun and star stickers. so we added them


Replace the green tree tops with orange and yellow tree tops

Remove the tree tops and no leave trees

We reenacted the Forever friends story to Daddy

It's spring, the bird was singing a friendly song

The Bunny was sleeping in the log

He came out and started to play with the bird

They played all spring,

All Summer..

All Fall..

Winter, the bird migrated south..The forest felt cold and lonely! They missed each other

It was spring again and the bunny waited to hear the wonderful song


They were Forever Friends!