Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Horse Foot steps on coffee Play dough

Book: Happy Horse

This colorful picture book describes the Happy Horse's busy day. The book starts with a colorful group picture of Happy Horse - the adorable main character with his friends Suzy Horse, Sunny Horse, Runny Horse, Nice horse. Happy Horse's farm is close to a playground and the children visit the barn often to pet the horses Sometimes children go for a ride on Happy Horse and that makes him feel very special. The book also introduces different shapes using the footprints of Happy Horse. The book ends with the Happy Good night to the horse.

CJ likes the pictures of the adorable horses and the foot step patterns. For the Activity, we made the horse foot steps on coffee Play dough.

Mud Like Coffee Play dough

The light brown play dough is tailored version of Autumnal play dough recipe by Anna of The Imagination Tree


Flour - 2 cups

Instant Coffee - 1 Tablespoon

Salt - 1 cup

Cream of Tartar - 2 Teaspoons

Hot water - 1 cup

2 Tablespoons of oil


Dissolve instant coffee in the cup of boiling water for the brown color. Mix in all the dry ingredients and stir to make a dough. Brown Play dough ready to play.

We used the coffee play dough on the DIY play dough mat

Cut one end of straw in the form of a U shape and then CJ made shapes and patterns using the straw.

Square Pattern

CJ tracing the shape with her fingers.


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