Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Earth Day: Upcycle Plastic vegetable containers

Upcycle Plastic vegetable containers

What do you do with the clear plastic containers that have berries, tomatoes, spinach, grapes, lettuce, okra?

Some of the city convenience/recycling centers receive them while some don't have the facility to recycle them! So do we Trash them and fill the Land fills or reuse them?

I reuse them to store and Organize my daughter's toys. They come in various sizes starting from small to big.

I have been saving the containers from very long time and reusing them to Organize craft supplies, toys etc. Sometimes the toys get all mixed up and I don't find/locate certain things. So we sorted out the toys and labeled the boxes.

The boxes are pretty neat but they do have the vegetable labels. To override the labels, We used Post it notes, construction paper. CJ wrote on the Post id labels. Spruced up the post it labels with stickers.  

Writing Practice + Organizing with added advantage of improving reading skill. Isn't that fun!

The Train tracks and train into one box. CJ glued the label to the top of the box and She wrote train with spelling help.

All play vegetables in one box and Vegetables Label


After sorting out the toys in the labeled plastic containers, we arranged them into big storage boxes

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 and We are happily joining hands with Mommy Labs and Greening Sam and Avery in a massive Earth Day Blog Hop. Interested, You can join in with your Earth day celebrations/activities or check out the awesome list of bloggers and Earth Day activities here


  1. Good idea! I love how you let your daughter label them herself.

  2. we too own few boxes for hair clips and stationary accessories....good idea

  3. So organized! My favorite part is the child created signs.

  4. Thats a lovely idea..

  5. Absolutely loved the idea...I will try with my daugther too