Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Magnetic Pom pom Foot Print

Tracing the foot with Magnetic pom pom! How fun is that!

I store the magnetic Fridge Alphabets, Numbers and Magnetic Pom poms in the Cookie boxes.
  • Upcycle the cookie boxes
  • Store/organize the magnetic stuff 
  • No need to search for a cookie tray, you can use the cookie box lids for the Magnetic play. Easy to carry along for trips

Other day CJ was playing and I was working on the computer. She came up with the pom pom foot print pattern. Excited and thrilled my her creativity, I said "Wow C, you did a good Job!" Immediately She said "Mommy, come take pictures, I will show step by step and you can blog"

Over to CJ!

Materials Used:

Magnetic Pom Poms
Cookie Boxes/Old Cookie Tray

Steps Overview:

Place your foot on the cookie box lid as shown below and start tracing your foot by placing magnetic pom pom

You can also fill in Pom poms inside the Foot print

Book to Incorporate

This activity can go along with the Dr. Suess "The Foot Book". We love the Foot book! "Left Foot, Right Foot, Feet Feet Feet, How Many, many Feet you meet" Perfect for Early readers with Rhyming, Repetitive words! Wonderful illustrations of Foot and feet with opposites!

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  1. Magnetic pom poms? How cool! And I think CJ has the right idea. I know my four year old would love this activity. Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty! Alissa and Maggy